November 2, 2005

Newspapers in Portugal

The Press in Portugal

Newspaper readership in Portugal is fairly low when compared to other countries in the European Union (EU). 1999 figures show only 73.5 people per 1000 take a daily paper compared to over 600 people per 1000 in the UK. During the Salazar dictatorship, the press was heavily censored and post-revolution newspapers filled with revolutionary propaganda putting many Portuguese off the newspaper-reading habit. The Correio da Manha is the largest selling tittle-tattle tabloid.

Newspapers in Portugal.

Circulation (2000 figures)

Correio da Manha (89,021)
Diario de Noticias (65,544)
Jornal de Noticias (101,448)
Expresso (136,845)
Publico (53,222)
A Bola (100,000+)
Record (100,000+)

There are also literally 100's of mostly low-quality regional newspapers.

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