February 19, 2006

Europe's Biggest Drugs Bust

Drug Lords - Buy this book from Amazon In Europe's biggest cocaine bust to date, 8,000kg of raw cocaine have been seized by Portuguese police in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal and a number of Spanish nationals arrested.

The Iberian coastline is the preferred means of entry into Europe for South American drug cartels.

According to official figures, 5,000kg (11,000lbs) of cocaine had been seized by police in Portugal this year compared with 15,000kg (33,000 lbs)in 2005.

Neighboring Spain ranks third in the league table of confiscated cocaine with 46.6 tonnes -behind only Colombia and the United States. In addition Spanish authorities seized 646.7 tonnes of hashish - 50% of the world total of confiscated hashish in 2005.

Drug Lords: The Rise and Fall of the Cali Cartel the World's Most Powerful Criminal Organisation by Ron Chepesiuk - Buy this book from Amazon

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