December 14, 2008

Credit Crunch in Portugal by Numbers

The minimum monthly wage in Portugal before tax is 426 euros. The average monthly wage in Portugal is 804.22 euros.

The Global Competitiveness Index 2007-2008 placed Portugal in 40th position out of 131 nations.

Over 1 million pensioners survive on pensions of 300 euros a month.

Portugal has the second highest number of families with debt in the Euro Zone.

Portuguese companies were the most heavily-indebted in the Euro Zone in 2004.

Average growth rate in the 21st century is 1%.

The Portuguese Food Bank provides food aid for 67,000 people.

35 tons of food aid is distributed every weekday in Lisbon alone.

Unemployment was 7.3% in the second quarter of 2008.

December 13, 2008

Portugal Offer on Guantanamo

The Portuguese Foreign Minister, Luis Amado, has urged the EU to take in detainees from the US prison at Guantanamo, Cuba, in an effort to help close the detention center.

In his letter to the EU, Amado wrote:

"As a matter of principle and coherence, we should send a clear signal of our willingness to help the US government in that regard, namely through the resettlement of detainees."

Around 255 men remain at Guantanamo, the controversial prison incoming US President Barack Obama has promised to close.