April 18, 2009

Portugal's Post Office

Portugal's Post Office is largely reliable. The Portuguese postal service is run by CCT.

Post office is correios in Portuguese; selo is stamp

Correio normal (ordinary mail) is sent in the red post boxes; correio azul (airmail) is posted in the blue boxes.

Portugal's Post Office

Post offices in Portugal are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm and each major town should have a general post office with Saturday opening hours (usually in the morning). Smaller branches may close for lunch. There is a post office at Lisbon Airport.

Packages are often delivered to a post office rather than an address, so to pick up a parcel go to the counter marked Encomedas, similarly for poste restante.

In general allow 5 days for delivery in mainland Portugal for normal mail and longer for Madeira and the Azores. For next day delivery choose correio azul.

Portugal's Post Office

Stamps can be purchased from post offices or from shops and kiosks displaying the red and white correio symbol with the horse and bugle.

The main post office in Lisbon is at Pra├ža dos Restauradores 58.

Tel: 707 26 26 26

Portugal's Post Office, Lisboa

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