April 21, 2010

The Portuguese menu

Portugal is a nation facing the Atlantic Ocean, not to mention one with a long and illustrious seafaring history.
It's no surprise then to find that seafood features prominently in Portuguese cuisine. Dining in Lisbon is a safe experience in terms of very rarely being let down, but by no means a boring one. Fresh vegetables, not overly cooked or processed, share the plate with fresh fish that can be anything from the tuna, snapper and the like familiar to English-speakers to more exotic treats like octopus.

Carcois a Portuguesa (Portuguese snails), Bacalhau assado com batatas (boiled salted cod fish with potatoes and roasted peppers), Caldo verde (vegetable soup), Arroz doce com abobora (rice pudding) - are some of the perennials of Portuguese cuisine. And, of course, at prices that won't hurt the pocketbook - and just as well, because you'll want to be back!

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