August 30, 2011

Lagos Zoo

Lagos Zoo is a fun day out for all the family. Lagos Zoo has a large collection of animals, plants and birds, set in a beautiful location. There are over 120 species of animals and over 200 species of plants, with a particularly diverse collection of primates including marmosets, gibbons, guenon, tamarin, siamang, and lemurs.

Lagos Zoo, Algarve, Portugal.

Lagos Zoo opened in 2000. Visitor facilities include a petting zoo with pigs and goats, a children's playground, a couple of decent cafes and a restaurant. Animal feeding times are particularly popular with visitors and occur throughout the day for the different groups of animals.

Lagos Zoo, Algarve, Portugal.

Lagos Zoo is north west of Lagos town near Benzafrim on the A22. Open 10am-5pm October through March and 10am-7pm the rest of the year.

Other attractions in or around Lagos include Lagos Fort and Camilo Beach.

Lagos Zoo
Quinta Figueiras, Sítio do Medronhal
Barão de S.João
Tel: 282 680 100

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