April 7, 2012

Storks in Faro

One of the features of rooftops in Faro on the Algarve is the number of storks that have made their nests up there.

Visitors can see the large and unruly nests high up in the belfries of Faro's churches and even on communications masts. The birds make a distinctive sound with their bills during the day but go quiet at night.

Storks in Faro.

In fact, the large white storks (cegonha) can be seen all over the Algarve region of southern Portugal helped by the preservation of the natural environment in the Salt Marsh Natural Reserve in Castro Marim and the Rio Formosa, which runs from Faro eastwards to the islands off Tavira.

Storks in Faro.

White storks are large carnivores that can weigh up to 4-4.5 kilos. Their diet is taken from the ground and consists of amphibians, insects, fish, reptiles, small mammals, and even small birds. Storks migrate south to Africa from their European breeding grounds in summer a journey that can take well over a month.

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