December 23, 2012

Arco da Vila Faro

The neoclassical Arco da Vila in Faro is a main entry gate into Faro's Old Town (Cidade Velha). The Arco da Vila was designed by Genoese architect Francesco Xavier Fabri, commissioned by Bishop Francisco Gomes, who supervised the reconstruction of Faro after the devastating earthquake of 1755.

Arco da Vila Faro, Algarve, Portugal

The top of the arch of Arco da Vila includes a clock and bell and the figure in the niche at the front of the arch is St. Thomas Aquinas. The archway stands on the site of the ancient entry gate into the Moorish city. Nesting storks may also be seen here.

Arco da Vila Faro, Algarve

Architect Francesco Xavier Fabri (1761-1817) was responsible for the design of the nearby Igreja da Misericórdia, the Seminário Episcopal and the Ermida de São Luís. The Tourist Information Center is virtually next door, to the left as you look at the arch. Walk through the arch and up to Largo da Se (Cathedral Square).

Arco da Vila Faro

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