May 30, 2015

Guarda Cathedral

The most striking attraction in Guarda is its fortress-like Sé, a massive, medieval cathedral built in granite between 1390-1540. The Sé in Guarda is remarkable for the number of different architectural styles in its construction, its Gothic exterior combined with intricate Manueline flourishes.

Guarda Cathedral, Portugal.

 The interior of the cathedral is distinguished by a beautiful Renaissance, white marble altar and carved by French sculptor João de Ruão.

Bishop Vasco de Lamego began construction of the church we see today, the third cathedral to be built in the city, during the reign of King John I.

Guarda Cathedral, Portugal.

Guarda's cathedral stands adjacent to the town's main square - the Praça Luis de Camões - and a statue of Dom Sancho I, who founded the city in 1199. The main square has a number of cafes and includes Guarda's turismo.

Sé da Guarda
Praça Luís de Camões
6300 Guarda

The friendly though basic Casa da Se guesthouse is right in the main square.

Guarda Cathedral interior.

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