August 27, 2012

Tavira Castle

Tavira Castle (Castelo de Tavira) in Tavira in the Algarve is one of the town's most visited attractions and a pleasant place to wander to enjoy the garden at the top beneath its stone walls and fine views over the town and the Gil√£o River. The present castle has its origins in the 11th century though some kind of fortress has probably stood here since Phoenician times in the 8th century BCE.

Tavira Castle

The castle was defended by the Moors when Tavira fell to Paio Peres Correia, the Grand-Master of the military Order of Santiago during the Reconquest in 1242. Further construction was undertaken on the castle in the 1290s by King Dinis, before Tavira Castle was damaged in the earthquake of 1755.

Tavira Castle, Algarve

Tavira Castle is located on a hill in the centre of old Tavira and is about 1km from Tavira Station.

Tavira Castle, Portugal

Visitors to Tavira Castle can admire the fine garden contained below the walls and towers of the fortress.

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